Personalized Meal Plans

Not interested in the whole food and wellness coaching process, but still need some help with meal plans? No problem! I am happy to work with you solely on creating grocery lists and meal plans for the week.

How it works: You can communicate to me via email: your food budget, cooking preferences, taste preferences, and any other relevant information for your eating habits. I will then type up a full, 1-week meal plan for you including a grocery list and meal and recipe ideas.

Why it works: Pre-programmed meal plans online are fabulous, but don’t always do a good job at taking into account all of your personal preferences, like the amount of time you have to cook each week or the availability of certain ingredients in your area. I give you a personalized grocery list and meal plan that works perfectly for you, because I design it with only you in mind.

Price: 1 week meal plan, $50 (USD)*

Any questions? E-mail


*  First-time customers get the first week for free!