Guest Post: What Your Wellness Can Mean for Your Loved Ones

When we think about our emotional well-being, it’s important to remember just how much it can affect those around us. This should be obvious. Our mood and energy will impact everyone in our immediate environment. However, it’s not always at the forefront of our minds.

If you want to improve your relationship with others, you first have to address your relationship with yourself. Transforming your self-image and how you communicate with yourself will impact every other relationship you have. If you want a more meaningful and engaged connection with your loved ones, it helps to elevate your wellness so you’re more enthusiastic, optimistic and compassionate toward yourself; then your external relationships will change automatically.

The Ripple Effect

It’s incredible to think that every action you take ripples out across your entire life’s circumstances, setting everything in a constant state of change. Actions consist of moods, facial expressions, words and anything you put out into the world. If you consider this carefully, it makes you realize just how in control of your destiny and surroundings you are.

What kind of energy and actions do you want to ripple out over your life? To state anything other than positivity and happiness would sound insane; however, this is something a lot of people are doing without realizing it. The simple act of becoming aware that your energy ripples out across every corner of your life is both sobering and daunting, depending on what kind of life you’ve been leading up to this point.

There’s an old saying: “You get out of life what you put into it.” Therefore, if you want more positivity for you and your loved ones, that’s precisely what you need to be radiating from every cell of your being. Granted, this is easier said than done. However, if you can change your self-image and the way you interact with others to reflect your agenda, the results that begin to manifest in your life will astound you.

Developing an awareness of your wellness in common situations and scenarios is essential to feeling as comfortable and relaxed as you can be. When we’re aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions, we spend more time ensuring that we aren’t putting out negative energy that will ripple out into other areas of our lives.

There are a few ways to measure your activity at any given moment. Admittedly, it does feel a little forced at first. In this day and age, we’re lucky enough to have technology on our side. We can use our phones to set wellness reminders, giving us a message we can’t ignore. This is the perfect way to prompt yourself numerous times throughout the day to check in with yourself and see how you’re reacting to everything around you.

You’ll also find various stress check apps that can measure your moods through asking questions and scanning your heart rate. These are very effective, and give you solid metrics and data you can’t ignore. Be honest with them, and you’ll soon find you’re developing an awareness of your stress levels in most situations.

Wellness Isn’t Selfish

A lot of people view taking time for themselves or to “work on themselves” as selfish. While this is untrue, unfortunately, it stops people from starting an inward journey that will not only transform their own lives for the better but also the relationships they have with those they love and cherish most.

If you want to do something incredibly profound and meaningful for the well-being of those around you, learn to love yourself unconditionally. Through loving yourself, you learn to appreciate life and realize that everything is precious. You’ll treat others with more respect and compassion and have a willingness to help others notice that their lives are worthy of unconditional self-love too.

Be an Example

One of the best ways to transmit love and effective lessons with others is to be a living example of what you’re trying to teach others. Telling loved ones how to live or what to do has never gone down too well and usually results in arguments or one person seeming condescending and patronizing. A diplomatic and natural way to get through to people is to let them see for themselves how they could improve their lives by showing them how with results and actions.

Depending on the emotion a message is communicated with, a certain response will come back from the recipient. Through positive intention and example setting, you stand a greater chance of transforming your own life and those around you by setting the tone in a peaceful and healthy manner.

Author bio: Diamond is a health and wellness blogger and loves to spread actionable and useful information for those who wish to improve their well-being. She enjoys yoga, meditation and various Eastern philosophies, which nudged her into practicing a compassionate and well-balanced lifestyle.

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