Falling Off the Health Wagon

My, my it has been a long time since I have posted on here. I will soon resume regular posting, but I wanted to be completely honest before kicking back into gear. I fell off of my health wagon. Hard. And, now that I’m ready to pick myself back up again, I want to share a little bit of my story.

As many of you know if you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, I spent a year healing my leaky gut. It was a year that required a lot of discipline and hard work and it all paid off when I received my test results confirming that my leaky gut had been healed. Initially I slowly reintroduced new foods and stuck to my diet most of the time, but I quickly reverted to old habits.

Processed foods and carb-filled meals out reminded me of how easy eating was before going on a leaky gut diet. I loved that I could go out with friends without worrying if I was going to be able to eat anything more than lettuce at a restaurant. I loved the freedom of not having to constantly meal plan and meal prep. I loved not having to do hours of dishes each week from my cooking sessions.

All of this led to me falling completely off of my health wagon. And, it wasn’t just in the food department. Meditation and spirituality have always been very important to me, but the last few months I completely disconnected from that part of my life. It wasn’t really a conscious decision. I didn’t wake up everyday and think “I don’t want to meditate” or “I don’t want to feed my spirit,” but I had absolutely no inclination to do either of those things. And so, I slowly began to spiral out of the stage of being the healthiest I had ever felt.

During all of this I was also going through a major life transition. I was looking for my next job and the next city I wanted to live in, but that journey took a lot longer than I had expected. I spent several months in a sort of unhealthy and unfulfilled limbo. Though it wasn’t ideal, I learned so much about myself during this time and I’m glad I went through it.

If you find yourself hitting a wall, so to speak, on your health and wellness journey, then try and remember that the good and the bad is always necessary. We all go through it, even those of us that are deeply passionate about health and wellness, and it’s okay.

Stay tuned for some delicious recipes and new insights on how to navigate your way to your healthiest and happiest you!

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